I see you looking at me
looking deep inside my eyes
You read my thoughts as if they're your own
im not sure if its ok
Realize what I've done, how i've changed
what a monster I seem to be.
skin almost at a boiling point

Scream at you, intent of hatred
but your doing the same
how could this be?
feel the heat rising in my blood
the curses rolling from my tongue

What can we do? We're alike
we're the same, the antidote of love..
the opposite of right. too much like wrong
is it you that can make me different...?
very well done

only comment:
i like the heat-> anger metaphors in the first two stanzas
but because there isnt anything heat related in the final stanza, the first two seem coincidental. even if they were, the inclusion of another one would do wonders for solidifing the lyric
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