hi guys how are you?

I'm a beginner guitar player ...
and here lots and lots of Chinese guitars,
you know Shelters, Washburns (made in china),
all made with basswood (body) and neck is maple...

I don't want to expend too much money on my first guitar,
maybe later, so I was thinking about this basswood guitars...

have you guys played basswood guitars ?
is it sooo bad ?

is it worth replace its pickups ?

Basswood isn't a terrible wood.

It's a less expensive wood so guitar manufacturers who make crappy guitars tend to use it but basswood itself isn't bad.

What guitars specifically are you looking at?
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Basswood is not bad, it is common in guitars. Id worry bout how it sounds when you play it through your amp then what it is actually made out of.

That reminds me of a cross between S series and Tempest series from Schecter which can be a alternative to that guitar.
There are many kinds basswood....ya,sometimes it s considered a cheap wood and that s partially true,but do not forget that a Tom Anderson Drop Top is built in basswood.........and tom anderson are MARVELLOUS.
Basswood is used for cheap guitars, but some of the virtuoso players play guitars using it for its tone, depends on the cut like most woods.
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