hey gang.... i was reading a old issue of bass guitar magazine and i was reading about blackstone cherrys bass gear and he said uses fender etcetc etc then he also said he uses a carvin ive never herd of this make of bass before so i look it up and the colours are sooooooooo pretty and the 4 string bass is really nice best bass porn i have possibly ever seen!!! the carvin lb20


the best phto i can find of it without having to go through there main website ....but my question is does it play aswell as it looks ?? any one seen herd or had any experience with this bass???

i did use search bar couldnt find anything about this bass so i apologise if this has been done :S
never played. but I've seen better bass pr0n.

go look up some Tobias, Drozd, and Pedulla basses if you want some lookers. or Eddie Vedder...

but, it probably plays and sounds very well if my limited Carvin experience applies to this green machine.
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