I have a question.
When i use my whammy bar on my
fender start it always throws me out of tune...
so did i put the strings on backwards or something...
or is it just useless to have a whammy bar unless you have a locking brige system?
make a claw shape with the trem springs in the back cavity. put pencil lead in the nut grooves helps a little too. it's natural for it to go outta tune, unless you have a good set up.
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a locking system will help out greatly but you can still have a normal strat bridge and have it work just as great. it just takes time messing with it. if i could get a cheep strat from a squire strat pack to stay in tune im sure you can get your fender in good working order.
Non locking trems just go out of tune faster when you use them.

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get a better setup or if needed so much locking tuners should do the trick thats an easy fix
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it can be difficult to set up a strat with the bar. It's not really meant for insane whammy bar tricks - it's more suited for a less intense vibrato.

still there are many things you can do to make the Fender bar stay in tune better.

one thing is to put the strings on properly and make sure they're good and stretched.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rhdxCECcl4 - - this shows a great way to put string on.

Also a graphite or roller nut will help alot - if you don't have one, using some graphite powder in the nut slots can help a lot (like from a pencil). Also some wax or vaseline on the string tee can help if those strings are binding there.

Read over this page for more setup tips for a strat:

remove the springs - tighten the spring bracket into the body more.

make sure your strings are knotted at the tuners as listed on fender.com.

this should help, but not using the trem really helps