I’m at that stage of life where I need to be thinking about university and careers, and I’ve recently (and probably sensibly) abandoned any legitimate hope of going to a music college or doing a music degree - this is because I feel I’d have more stability pursuing my other passion - English and writing.

That’s not to say, however, that I want to give music up. So my question for you guys is - is there any other way that I can actively involve myself in music on the side? Preferably in a way that would help me developer further, and I’m not just talking join a band because I definitely intend on that!

I’ve recently taken up music theory lessons to try and help me get an A in Music A-Level, so I’ll hopefully have Grade 5 Theory under my belt in the next six months. And I’m progressing reasonably well in Guitar Grades - I’m now on grade 5 but apparently my ability is closer to 6/7. Is there anything else similar to these that might be helpful?

I just don’t want to shut the door on music completely. What can I do?
I realised that I wasn't going to be good enough to play in uni so I'm looking at music technology instead

im still involved, there are chances to play and its gnna b cool
I've kinda had the same realizations, and so for now, I'm just going to college and getting general eds out of the way. But I've realized that I don't want to major in music or anything, so I'm definitely not giving up on music. I just play for my own enjoyment, ya know
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Check out thr Arts Award
You get recognition for taking part in music/arts events, running events, making progress, performing etc

Ive done my bronze and silver, its well worth it, and proves to colleges/unis you know what your talking about
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Quote by Tomaz24
I feel I’d have more stability pursuing my other passion - English and writing.
An author has no more stability than a musician. Take your English degree and head off to law school or pursue a degree in journalism, perhaps even double majoring in English and Journalism.

On the side, you could give guitar lessons. You could also get a group of friends together and rehearse material, not just jam, and perhaps play at some restaurants and bars, maybe even weddings.