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Hi my name is Rene Ramos and I'm new to guitar playing and just bought my first rig and it's Randall's RM100M and it came with "Blackface", "Plexi" and "XTC" modules. I also bought Kirk Hammets KH2 module. I''m into Old School Hard Rock and Metal from "Ratt" to "Firehouse" to "Winger" to "Dangerous Toys" to "Megadeth". I play rythm guitar. My question is I want to attach Digitech"s new "Hardwire" CR-7 Stereo Chorus and DL-8 Delay/Looper to my rig. How will these two pedals enhance my sound? I look foward in hearing from anyone. Thank you.

Rene Ramos
Chorus and delay kinda thicken up the sound a bit. From what I've heard and seen, the DT Hardwire series is pretty good.
Chorus effect is a modulation technique that makes it sound as if two guitars are playing at the same time. Delay effect is a modulation technique that delays your signal obvioulsly and plays it back at a different rate providing an 'echo' if you will. That delay pedal can probably do all kinds of things including reverse delay. Don't know not a pedal expert. Those pedals can be used together and I don't think it will sound bad if that is what you asking.

And yes, to Goolz, point - from what I've read they are very good pedals. Pricey tho ay?

Welcome to UG and I'm envious of your amp - I take it you like it.
Hey Imgooley and 311ZOSOVHHJH.

Hay guys thanks for the help and explaining the pedals.
The Hardwire series is GREAT. I like them alot.
i know that digitech pedals in the past have been really digital sounding.. like my gnx3000..
but are the hardwire pedals any good? i play a blue junior and i want a pretty good overdrive.. i was wondering how good the hardwire one was?
I have the Delay and Chorus and I think they sound fantastic. I tried out a LOT of pedals too...
i haven't tried the hardwire pedals, but for the type of music you'll be playing, i think a chorus and delay would be a good idea. just try out as many different pedals as you can, etc. etc.
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