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My roommate, a buddy of his from high school, and myself decided to stay in last night and just knock a few back in the room. We had the ol' Super Nintendo going with some music playing and as the night went on the music got louder and we ourselves probably did as well. Well eventually we hear someone knocking at the door, and look through the peep-hole to see the bitch CA's (same as RA, our school is weird) from the floor below us standing there, notebooks in hand. We knew it was just cause of the noise (they had no way of knowing we were drinking in there) but we couldn't open the door right away cause we're idiots and had all the empties scattered around the room. They continue knocking and after awhile one of them calls someone on their phone, so thinking it'll be the cops or something, we quickly finish stashing everything and open the door. Turns out she just called the director of our hall, who was there to greet my drunken-yet-trying-to-act-sober ass.

Long story short(er) I had a nice chat with her while the two CA's searched our room and disposed of the rest of the beer, and the three of us will have to have a "meeting" with the hall directer sometime. Everyone I've talked to said it's not really a big deal, probably just have to wash windows and stuff like that and maybe have to take some class. No cops involved at all. But I think they bought our "scared freshman" act and will go relatively easy on us, and we did manage to save seven or eight beers. Seems like it's gonna turn out as well as it could, given how stupid we were about it.

Anyway, just felt like telling someone about it cause everyone on the floor already knows and all my other friends are in class. So anyone else have any similar experiences?
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Congratz on the having the longest wall of text ever!

thank god i live in canada
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Thanks, douche.

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Don't drink.

there is nothing wrong with drinking as long as your responsible with it and don't act stupid. a couple friends knocking back some beers in the safety of there room is fine if you ask me.
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there is nothing wrong with drinking as long as your responsible with it and don't act stupid. a couple friends knocking back some beers in the safety of there room is fine if you ask me.

Just to say , my post was kidna sarcastic/ironic.

seizure for you
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i dont
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I lol'd hard

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That's terrible and hilarious in equal measures...

theyre talking about my comment
wow. calm down. i got caught drinking in my dorm to. went to the "meeting." they slapped me on the wrist and made me go to an hour long seminar where we watched a video of a drunk teenager die in an emergency room. ****ing weird. its no big deal. just dont do it often or you could get kicked out or lose scholarship money if you have it.
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16 in Belgium!
I love living in Europe

Van Hoboken seg?
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Let's tip one back to not drinking.

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i assume this is at university?!

a university with no alcohol?!

it just doesn't make sense
hahaha 21 years for drinking legally

it's 18 years here (for buying at least), that's a bit rough, german, denmark etc all have 16 years.
Our RA didn't mind as long as we kept the noise down and didn't do anything stupid. Even when we were too loud he generally just charged at us and yelled. BUT, the lady RA upstairs would almost always write anyone up that she caught.

On one occasion my friend got caught drunkenly writing some lame insult on the RA's dry/erase board on his door, but all that led to was a meeting and then some time with a counselor. I assume you'll get something even less severe, or at the very least it won't be much more harsh.
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Beer is delicious. Your RA or CA (weird ass school) would have lost her fukking arm!
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That's so ****ed up. Some friends of mine got caught getting pissed on a school skiing trip when they were 15. All the happened was that the alcohol was confiscated.

Yet you, a student cannot drink without getting in trouble.
You didn't have to be all "scared frosh"
You should have straight up "Yeah, we were drinking, sorry"
Now they will know you are "scared frosh" (so to speak)
and try to "scare" you more

no parties in your room anymore
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16 in Belgium!
I love living in Europe

Same in the Netherlands.

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Same in the Netherlands.

Cheers for the people who speak dutch
OMG what a noob you are.
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16 years old legal age FTW !!!


Now kiss my ass you coservative bastards

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I'm funny

you should have thrown the beer bottles out of the window
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Same in the Netherlands.

Same in Portugal
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At my school no one gives a shit about drinking, including the RAs. Im not bragging though, because they are utterly ruthless towards all other drugs. Cops are in my building all the time busting kids for weed, probably half of the drug users I know have gotten arrested at one point or another here.

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you should have thrown the beer bottles out of the window

No he definitely should not have, throwing stuff out of windows like that is a felony.
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Drunk students, well I never.

Sucks to be you, I guess; such a shame about America's puritannical attitudes to drinking.

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Commonly, kids begin to drink like at age 15 or 16.

Where are you from? Here it's about 12/13.
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Happened to me last year, except we had 8 handles and a couple 40s. We managed to save 3 handles when they came in, so we all got black out after they left.

Had to take a class, pay a noise violation fine, and help out at some gay activity that the RA's run over the weekend. Off campus living ftw
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Same in Portugal

(I'm 18 so I don't care that it's not the) Same in Canada
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