I want to start recording on my PC but I have no idea what I might need to do it. Can you guys please give me a list of things I need to record like cables, software and such to get me started. Im broke so anything I can find on ebay I'll buy there. I just dont know what all I need. Thanks in advance for your help.
Firstly you need a mic.
Condensor mic can pick up a lot compared to a dynamic mic.
You then need an interface/ mixer. - around £50 if you look right.
They plug into your computer via USB, you also should get a free software for recording called Cubase, i did..
Anyway, you also need a mic stand and an XLR lead.
And then away you go.

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Boss Micro BR? Second hand you can get one for about £70

i've got one of these, even the little mic it has built in works decent
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Well, I use Audacity Beta to record guitar, but I dont know if you want to use that if youre recording an entire band. Its free software, all you have to do is Google "Audacity Beta", and you should see it there. Its cool and has alot of effects and things of the like. Also, try finding a decent, inexpensive mic. Not a computer mic, if you're trying to go for a really good sound. Also, read up on positioning the mic, EQ-ing, compressing, high pass filters, low pass filters, because it will really help with the sound quality of it all. Hope it goes well for you, and good luck!