Hey guys,
just wondering what you thought about this instrumental idea i recorded.

Its the first time i recorded with my toneport, so it'd be cool to get some feedback on what you thought of the quality as well as the song.

The song's a bit generic "emo" i suppose, but yeah it'd be cool to get some feedback anyway. It doesn't show off my playing or anything, i was just keeping the guitars simple cos i was thinking of using it in a new band and having a vocal driven song. I'll record something else some time soon which will show what i can do on guitar.

anyway yeah,

give it a listen


thanks guys
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I like it. Very catchy, it definitely sounds like it was written for vocals over the guitars, and it's interesting without being too busy and interfering with the vocals. Do you have lyrics already written for it or are you going to write lyrics around it?
Sounds good, in addition to the riff, I like how you got a nice stereo separation with the drums. To me it sounds like this is calling for lyrics/vocals; keep up the good work.

Feel free to listen to a couple of demos I threw up (no pun intended); tracks 1 and 2 are kind of in the vein of your stuff, track 3 is more experimental.

1MM Demos