So I just purchased a brand new Fender strat (standard) and I love everything about it.

The open b string however, buzzes. Pretty badly.

How might I go about fixing this? I've tried raising the string at the bridge but that did not help (by the time it would stop buzzing it would be unplayable).
Sounds like it may be a truss rod issue

Hold down the D string at the first fret then hold down the same string where the neck touches the body around fret 19 and check for a small gap at fret 8.

If theres no gap you're probably getting string buzz off the frets from a backbow
Yea, I had the same problem w/ my MIM Strat. Except, it was on the low E string. But when I raised the action on it, it stopped. But it will still buzz if I strike it hard enough to where the string vibrates enough to hit the fret wire.
is it hitting the frets at all, or rattling in the nut cut?

you can change the stock strings.

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