Ok so I have a... uh... nameless (editing for remaining on topics sake...) amp*. It is a 150w 2x12 combo (75w's per speaker.) and has 2x 8ohm (Again each 75w's is what they say.) jacks on the back, one saying "left" the other saying "right" speaker respectively.

The cabinet is 4x12 140w with 2x 8ohm jacks and also editing the brand for staying on topics sake.

We're curious if we wanted to use the combo amp with the cabinet, would BOTH of the jacks from the amp to the cabinet be used? I just got through reading most of the "Build Your Own Cabinet" thread located at... Link. In that thread, the creators (who are actually talking mainly about bass amps...) say that it's generally ok to run an amp that puts out higher wattages through a speaker, matching the impedance is more important.

But back to my question, would both of the 8ohm jacks on the combo amp be used with the 4x12 cabinet? Assuming this setup works (even if it's just using 1 of the jacks...) a question I've always had about combo amps + cabinets is: does sound continue to come from the combo amp itself? Or is it like connecting through line-out/headphones?

* Before you get all slick and flame my Ibanez head, it's not that amp. It's actually a friends' combo... but meh.
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itll work
and it still comes out the combo
i do it for shows all the time
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Both of the jacks into the 4x12 cabinet?
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There are no genres in metal that end with "core."
a lot of time the internal speakers are cut off, depends on the amp.

just to use as example, a blues junior is an 8 ohm amp. so the speaker in the combo is an 8 ohm. so if hooking up to a cab, you would use an 8 ohm cab.

if the internal speaker were to stay on, then the external jack would have been rated as 4 ohm.

knowing this you can look at the wattages and ohms of the original combo speakers.
to know if the internal speakers will be shut when cab is in use and to get an idea of optimal wattage to use.

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