UG, today on the way home from work I was an idiot and accidentally rear ended a car. Now I looked at the car, there were NO dents or anything. The girl said shes going to get a quote, is there anything I can do to prevent her from getting an insanely high quote? Take a picture of her car or anything? I know since im in the wrong, shes has all the power. Any advice would help
AFAIK you're at her mercy, she has a legal right to get whatever she can out of it. If it's a new car or a nice car or something obviously they'd want it back the way it was, but hopefully they aren't going to be a douche and try to get every penny possible.
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If there is no damage then she shouldn't be able to get a high quote. Taking pictures could be a solution.

I'm not too sure on Canadian laws to be honest.

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try to talk to her and apologize and offer to help fix it if there is anything to be fixed, and if that fails, definitely take pictures of the bumper from all angles to use as evidence.
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Yeah i gotta find out where shes working so I can take some pictures. I know its just going to take a paint touch up, her car is so old. But I need some proof
Get an independent quote or threaten legal action if she tries to rip you buddy. hope it works out for you i hate those situations.
Get a quote on the work yourself. If your's is cheaper, pay for it and settle it outside of everything.
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Ya it really does man, I know a lot of people who have dealt with it. The thing is same thing happened to be last year andi got out of the car, and buddy was a student like me. And there was a small dent in the back of my car. Tiny. Guy just apologized and I said, you know what? Shit happens and I didnt even ask for a dime. And go figure this girl could try and take me to the cleaners. ****