Here it is, hopefully this song corrects some errors I have made with my previous song and I'm hoping that I have improved too.
Basically the song came to me after hearing the song 'Hysteria' by Muse where I got the idea for the main riff by playing around. The rest just came into place as I went along. Feel free to leave constructive critisism or comments. Thanks .

EDIT: Quite an old piece (poor writing style )
Fire Hazard.zip
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WHoa, Thats sick.

THe riffs are clever, Repeating but they dont seem repeatative. With a vocalist this song could be world class. I really like it.

I used the Scale finder and you used the G Be-bop Scale all the way through. Did you do this on purpose :p

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What's the spoon position?

Well, you begin with a big wooden spoon and a jar of vaseline...
I liked the main riff that was pedaling off the A, but I felt like you used it too many times in the song. It lost some of the effect after hearing it so many times.
ok,reminds me of ac/dc for some reason.,intro seems repeated a bit to much,drums are repetetive,mud its gp4/5 so yea...like it...still listening...you need some veryations of that riff,it's playing every five seconds...add a extra not,trill pick something,or hammer it all on,so to me it sounds like 1 riff, 1 verse peice and a bridge...its ok,keep on trying...


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haha its like muse had a child with the who! awesome.

cool riff pretty fonky.
and it makes a nice intro, but not sure about those drums : / a bit slow i feel.
the chords C to D make it a bit cheesy, but i suppose they fit.
i don't really like the chorus to be honest, although if it has a catchy vocal line i suppose it would be good. i love it when the song breaks into the riff. overall, some cool funky rock, but some bits are a bit bland. thanks for the crit : )
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