Man, I am screwed up on this one. I do have a JCM 800 and an AVT practice amp. I want some thing new and a little bit different. I love the looks and idea of Orange, but I am not sure it will have sufficient gain.

I like the way the Engl Blackmoore and the Rivera Tre sound. Can I get a decent Zep, AC/DC english crunch sound out of the Rivera or Engl. I don't want an amp that only sound good for metal.

Can I play any of these three at lower volumes and still have a decent sound? If so, which would be best?

I did not like the sound Champers had on the Orange, but I did hear some nice Zep sounds from the Rockerverb in other videos.
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Orange sounds closer to Zep - but Blackmore does all that almost as well and not noticeable in a band mix - since it is based on a Marshall Major.

Both have super cleans and potentially heavy gain.
Both are extremely loud amps.

Engl is way more versatile with two master volumes, presence control and 2 channels and four modes (really 4 channels)

Orange does low-gain and crunch better - is much much better with pedals and cleans up nicely with roll-back on guitar. However, the reverb is a bit crazy and loose - though the engl doesn't have it - nor need it.

Both you have to try for voicings - Orange is very dark - Engl is the brightest amp on the market
But you could buy either without playing them and you'd be so happy with the result!

Both the Engl and Orange are superior at lower volume - the Tre is still very good.

Good luck!
Engls can do everything that almost any Marshall can do, only a bit better.

At least, that's what I've heard Be wary though, you must tweak with them, because I've heard alot of people who didn't have much time to tweak who hated them.
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Orange, Orange, Orange.
well ive only played a thinderverb.
the cleans where beutfull and the dirt was deadly, i played it through a G and L ASAT, it was bomb in my opinion, next best amp would be an AC15, and then the vintage modern.
why dont you just go out and play the amps, when it comes to that much money, it shouldnt come down to peoples opinions, you should make the decision yourself and let your ear and guitar decide.
all this time ive tought ive needed a super gain machine like a 5150 or a bugera, but now im just ganna decided on a ac15 and just buy a DS pedal or overdirve, and then down the road like next year ill buy a 5150.
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are you going more for a Zepp vibe? I'd say the Orange since it's more britishy voiced. However, the Rockerverb can really handle heavier stuff too if need be, and the K-Tre's also really versatile.
Honestly mate, all three of those choices are brilliant. I have a Rockerverb and will vouch for the fact that has a shitload of gain, british voiced with ltos of mids and I use it for standard and Drop D songs (most of mine) all the way down to C# standard (for one of my haveier songs) and it kicks ass, great cleans, put an overdrive in front of it and it is really crunchy and mean. The only disadvantage is that for a 50 watter, it is ****ing loud, but it's great with my massive effects board as well.

The ENGL is very versatile and as stated, has lots of gain on tap and is very reminiscent of the Marshall series. It is a great amp but there are better ENGL models IMO.

The Rivera K-Tre is also great, is very versatile and sounds crystal clear with everything, it's not fizzy, it has bright cleans and a pulverising distortion. If you were going to go Rivera, I would go for the KR100 though, the Tre is great, but it's cleans are a little inferioir to the KR100.

Out of those three, the point of our advice is really lost, all three are great, reputable amps mate, and we all commend all of them. I think it now comes the time where you have to decide for yourself by playing those three and seeing which YOU prefer.
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The ENGL is very versatile and as stated, has lots of gain on tap and is very reminiscent of the Marshall series. It is a great amp but there are better ENGL models IMO.

Right and wrong....

The Engl is more versatile than the Orange, granted - but there are far more versatile Engls out there - HOWEVER - the more versatile the Engl, the less of the classic rock and hard rock amp you get - you stray into almost pure metal territory and with the Invader, it doesn't do anything else well at all (v.dark in Engl terms too).
For TS style of music, the Blackmore is the only way in Engl terms (maybe the Thunder or even could get away with the Screamer) but if he were to get a Powerball, it wouldn't fulfil the list of sounds he was after.
After all the Blackmore has been based on the old modded circuits of Ritchie's Marshall Majors - it has gain on tap to metal standards but the voicing is based solely on a more modern take of Marshalls with the balls of the old amps.
^ agreed.
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