i feel im not impoving at my guitar skills at all, i am self taught, and have have my guitar for 4 months, and i havent gone through a full song, i just cant seem to get anything down without leaving it. what do i do, i want to learn songs, and i want to get better, but all the songs i have looked at are to hard, i can play an A, B, C, D, E, F, G, Em, Am chords. I tried playing the song, Jenny (867-5309) but when i strum the power chords they sound horrible, im not sure im even strumming power chords right, do you strum all the strings?
Can some one suggest a site for advancing my guitar skills.

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Just play and practice, that's all that really needs to be said. It comes with time and that can be said from experience. And enjoy it, that's the most important part don't let it become a chore.

And strumming power chords? Just play it like a regular chord and gradually build up speed, I mean even pluck the notes in the chord if that would help.
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record yourself now and dnt listen to it for another four months u will see improvement just keep at it
recording yourself is a good idea, by listening it later you can identify your own faults and self-improve

just keep playing, you will only feel your improvement in more 4 or 5 months when you look back at the songs you played back then, and the songs you can play now
If you mean with power chords you hit all 6 strings, don't. You just hit the 2/3 in the chord
man I have your same problem, also a self taught player I started about month ago and eventhought I know more chords and power chords I am good at, but still not that good, so I decided to get a teacher, so my advice to get a teacher he will really help u.
2moro I will call a teacher, so what you should do.