hi every body
I have problem with chords that I know like 20 chords, but the problen not here;
I dont know ho to play the chords on the songs I always try, but it is always useless
for instance this song
I played the chord, but it is nothing like the song
so please can anybody help, cuz I know the chords, but I cant use them
maybe the problem in the tab but I tried 100 songs and I have the same result;
The tab says use a capo on the first fret. Sorry if this doesn't help at all. Just a thought.

If its with every song I don't know what to suggest. Make sure when you play a chord every string (that should) sounds out with no rattling/buzzing. Have you sorted out strumming patterns. Other than that make sure your guitar is in tune. Sorry can't think of anything else.
Quote by aziton1
maybe the problem in the tab but I tried 100 songs and I have the same result;

They also might be using different variations of the chord.

If you know any music theory, major chords are made of the root, 3rd, 5th, and 7th of a scale. These notes can be simultaneously played in tons of different ways across the neck.

That's why 80% of the time the chord tabs tend to not be spot on.
thank you
when I play the chords thier voice is always clear with no buzzing
and the guitar tuned very well
but guys I see a lot of songs they start with the same chord/chords but when I hear them in the songs they just not like each other??
If you mean strmming patterns, i had the exact same problem as you. what i do now, is that i sit down, and play along with whatever song want to learn. That way, i find it easier to monkey the strumming.
Hope it'll help you
not only the D major but also the A major and the G major they are not complete
Thats just dodgy chord diagrams. Personally I just play the chords as I know them.

EDIT - I think it just shows the fingerings, and you have to work out which strings to strum.
you know the G major should strum the whole six strings, right?
but in the digram on that page there is only marks on E,A ande. and there is no marks on the other string whic we should play them without fretting them.
It could be because of the tuning. Or maybe a different variation of the chord. I only discovered myself last year that there was like 4 ways to play C major, let alone all the other chords.

Try out different ways to play those chords from this website and see which ones sound the most similair to the song :]
guys one last question;
could u tell me what is the most 50 chords used ever?