It's been a long time since I've wrote any kind of song lyrics. I've been contrencating on school and writing a novel, so I guess I forgot how. This is my attempt in a long time, anyone who cares to tell me what they think feel free, and I'll do my best to crit them back...

Hello Mr. Banker man
Where has all the money gone?

Who burnt through . . . The few
Dollars that I had left
Is it true . . . Who knew
That you took the rest

Hello Mr. Politician man
What good is my vote gonna do?

I hear you lie . . . And cry
To the heavens for grace
The look in your eye . . . Is why
We can't trust your face

Hello Mr. President man
Why fight a war you can't win?

What is left to prove . . . Or loose
But thousands of innocent lives
It's in the news . . . You just choose
To keep the truth in disguise

The seeds we plant are bound to rot
The good we've done has gone for not
If we don't change the things we do
We see our worst nightmares coming true
I massacre the guitar but make beautiful music in the process. Grunge lives through me!