I'm encountering a problem with a Floyd Rose system where the high B string sounds "muted" after tightening the lock over the high B and E strings. Its a similar sound to what you get by palm muting at the bridge. As soon as I loosen the lock, the B string plays nice and bright.

I've swapped the lock for the high B and E strings with the low E and A strings, but the high B string still sounds muted after being locked again.

There is plenty of clearance above the first fret to the B string, so the muting isn't coming from contact with a fret.

Any ideas?

Is it seated right? Also, silly question, is the lock turned the right way over the e and B strings?
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Yes, I believe it's seated right. What I forgot to mention, is this is the 2nd nut from Carvin. The first nut had a similar issue with the G string (sounded muted after locked). When they sent me the replacement nut, the B string does it now. I guess its possible I have (2) substandard locking nut assemblies. Frustrating. I might just buy another one locally and see if the 3rd one is a winner.