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not enough, my comp is hella slow with only a couple gigs on it
plus my iPod is only a 1GB
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Not enough.
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not enough, my comp is hella slow with only a couple gigs on it
plus my iPod is only a 1GB

Same here.

Then again, I'm pretty elitist with my music, so I only have "the best."

Stats for actual music:
792 songs
2:14:55:10 total time

Plus 1.53 GB of random video game music.

Also, 9 and 3/4 hours of that is Opeth's discography, and I could listen to that until the end of time.
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2658 songs, 8.7 days, 19.72 GB
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121 hours or something like that

I have 150 hours of Reggae alone...
Plus 23 hours of 'world' as windows media player puts it. And 45 hours of folk. And 13 hours of rock.
No idea how many songs...
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my hard drive recently died so i lost everythin that i dont have on cd, it wasnt heaps but i lost about 1500 songs):

now i only have 308 songs, like 2 gigs but im buildin it bak up thanks to all the illegal downloads on the internet(:
5 days and five hours (1689 songs)

Not nearly enough to satisfy my musical needs, though
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Not enough.

Never enough!

P.S. I'm a womanfolk! : )

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like 12 days worth,i have alot of albums,i have evrey single slayer,metallica,anthrax,and panter cd,and slipknot and more ever made,i have so much shit on here i dont even now
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1.9 gigs or so
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12785 Songs
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Over 9000 songs.

i c whut u did thar
I have a zune pass, so at the moment I have about 10000 songs. This can increase exponetially at any second. I look at it as a library rather than a bookshelf, because I obviously haven't heard every single song, but they are there whenever I have a need to listen. I also have a 120 gig Zune, so I carry this beast everywhere

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over 18000

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where do i look to find this info if i use windows media player? like amount of songs and total length

15743 files, 97.9 GB, 1181:15:57 (HHHH:MM:SS).

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2-3 Gigs. I put it on my zune then delete it from my PC a lot though, about 4 Gigs on that.
4,638 songs

>302 hours (12.58 days)

I don't know how many gigs that is but I know its way more than 10.
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