So my guitar has started buzzing recently whenever I plugged in my cable. I knew it wasn't the cable or my amp, since I plugged another guitar in and it worked fine. I took the back plate off and all the wires were fine for the pots and pickup selector... so then I took off the input plate to look at it and there was only like a half wire connected to one of the prongs. Then I played with it to try to fix it and completely snapped it off by accident, so now I have an input jack completely disconnected from my guitar. Here's what I'd like to know:

Was it supposed to be connected to 2 wires at 2 different points?

Are there any quick fixes I can do tonight to get my guitar working again soon? (I don't have a soldering iron or any spare wire now)

Pretty much: Is it possible for me to do a quick fix tonight so I can keep playing, or do I have to wait to take it in and get it fixed?

There isn't a whole lot of extra wire to play with either.
Thanks in advance for any help.

black (ground) wire to inner most lug.

white to the other.

you can by an iron instructions for use on the pack. extra wire available at the radio shack or hardware store wt the iron.

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