F#m (HARD)

e ---|-x-|---|---|---|
B ---|-x-|---|---|---|
G ---|-x-|---|---|---|
D ---|---|---|-x-|---|
A ---|---|---|-x-|---|
E ---|-x-|---|---|---|

C#m (Finger not strong...)

4 fr.
e -x-|---|---|---|---|
B ---|-x-|---|---|---|
G ---|---|-x-|---|---|
D ---|---|-x-|---|---|
A -x-|---|---|---|---|
E -o-|---|---|---|---|

B (Bit far...)

e ---|-o-|---|---|---|
B ---|---|---|-x-|---|
G ---|---|---|-x-|---|
D ---|---|---|-x-|---|
A ---|-x-|---|---|---|
E ---|-o-|---|---|---|

do i just keep trying these chords? i don't want to learn songs i don't particularily like... this song is called moon on the water btw from the anime BECK.

can someone guide me in telling WHAT fingers to use when playing the hard chords?
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Well the F# and C# are called Barre chords if that's what you mean. Being able to play those comes with practice and finger strength. I couldn't play barre chords for a long time. You just have to work at it like anything else.

and for fingers...F#

your index finger will bar (hold all 6 strings) the 2nd fret, your 3rd finger will play the 5th of the root that your index finger is holding and your 4th finger will play the octave. I don't remember if your chord was major or minor. If Major your middle finger will play the note on the g string. If minor your middle finger won't do anything.

Tell me if any of that 5th/octave stuff doens't make sense.

Keep that shape for all barre chords on the E string and on the the A string, that exact same shape makes a minor chord instead.
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Alright, I'm going to notate in this fashion: Forefinger is 1, Ring finger is 2, etc. etc.

Fairly straightforward.
e ---|---|---|---|---|
B ---|---|---|---|---|
G -1-|---|---|---|---|
D ---|-3-|---|---|---|
A ---|-2-|---|---|---|
E ---|---|---|---|---|

You'll need to "barre" with your first finger. This is going to be really hard until you've practiced a lot and built finger strength.
e ---|-1-|---|---|---|
B ---|-1-|---|---|---|
G ---|-1-|---|---|---|
D ---|---|---|-4-|---|
A ---|---|---|-3-|---|
E ---|-1-|---|---|---|

Also straightforward. It's a bit of a crunch but you'll get used to it.
e ---|---|---|---|---|
B ---|-3-|---|---|---|
G ---|-2-|---|---|---|
D ---|-1-|---|---|---|
A ---|---|---|---|---|
E ---|---|---|---|---|

Pretty much the same as F#m but with another finger in there, and down one string.
4 fr.
e -1-|---|---|---|---|
B ---|-2-|---|---|---|
G ---|---|-4-|---|---|
D ---|---|-3-|---|---|
A -1-|---|---|---|---|
E -o-|---|---|---|---|

I usually just barre with my first and third fingers, just muting the top e string rather than trying to play it.
e ---|-o-|---|---|---|
B ---|---|---|-3-|---|
G ---|---|---|-3-|---|
D ---|---|---|-3-|---|
A ---|-1-|---|---|---|
E ---|-o-|---|---|---|
Get one of those holding things to improve your finger strength =P
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B is hard bro but keep trying. im still trying to get it down too. accuracy and sounding out all notes is important. do that even if you start out super slow eventually youll get it and since you concentrated on sounding out all notes and not being muted accidently when you get it, it will be good.
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yeah those are all really basic chords so you should definitely keep workin at it til ya get em. The E and A shouldn't be hard on you, for the barre chords (the others) you just gotta get used to holding your first finger across all the strings and still get them to ring. It takes quite a bit of practice but once you get the finger strength it will be like second nature. And as for what fingers, like I said the first stretches across the top and then put your fourth and third fingers on the frets a step up. For example on the F#m your first finger frets the E,G,B, and high E, then the third finger frets the D and your fourth frets the A. Then for the C#m do the same thing but move up a string and add your second finger on the G. As for the B, it sucks, first finger tackles the A and you can either use your third or fourth to barre the D,G, and B. OR you can use your second, third, and fourth, on the D,G, and B respectively. I've seen it done both ways just figure out what works best for you. And keep with it, i know it kinda sucks now but it will get easier. Hope that helped
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