Hey guys,

After playing for about 8 months now it was time I needed another guitar so I had them set to different tunings. My old faithful is a PRS Singlecut SE. After that guitar was set up way back when, The play of it is just amazing.

A few weeks ago after playing just about every guitar in three stores, I went with the Ibanez JS1200. I liked the neck and the overall feel of the instrument. I just got it back today from set up and I must say I am not really thrilled happy. I had some buzz on the E and A strings at the lower frets. I showed the tech and he said it is very minimal but he made a minor adjustment to get rid of it. Now I am home playing it and still getting a little buzz.

Is it possible I am so used to my PRS playing like candy that it has made me lazy and the buzzing is coming from my technique? The tech played it in front of me and there was no buzz. Maybe the transition to a new instrument is getting the best of me. After dropping a decent amount of cash on this I guess I wanted to be overjoyed by this guitar.

The only other guitars I liked the feel of were the Standard SG and the new Gibson LP Axcess. I wanted an instrument with the trem which is why I didn't go with the SG, and the LP was double the price.

I have about 9 day until the 30-day return deal is up. Should I just play the hell out of it and get used to it before Idecide to go with something different?