okay, so i heard this is a good video if you want to learn to scream without damaging your vocal chords, but will it be good for my overall clean singing aswell? or is screaming a total different approach?
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...screaming is never good if you want to sing

...assuming by "sing" you mean "sing" and not "scream absolutely random words so my songs are so deep they have no meaning"

P.S. I'm a womanfolk! : )

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It's the other way around - learn to sing properly before screaming. It's all about controlling your diaphragm, once you can do that you can sing and scream.

I was thinking of buying The Zen of Screaming, but never got around to it. It's meant to be amazing.

If you're not interested in screaming (only clean vocals) then I'm sure there are more suitable instructional videos out there for you.
It teaches you a lot of vocal warmups that could be used for singing or screaming.
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yeah, but will the exercises be good for relieving stress while clean singing, and such?
well i assume they will?
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Actually it really helps both. And it doesnt hurt or damage your vocal chords at all. I have the DVD sittin on my desk but I keep putting it off >.> The singer in my band went through it though and hes a beast now.
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I doubt it will help with clean singing. Learning to sing will help you learn to scream, not the other way around. I hurt my voice on a few occasions back in the day before I finally realized that.

I still can't sing, though.
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I thought it help out quite a bit. I've let a few of my friends borrow and they improved a lot. From have I hear The Zen of Screaming 2 focuses more on the actual screaming.
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I kind of like singing better... but some screaming is good! It's lots of fun. If you don't do it right you're going to really mess up you're vocal chords. I watched a little bit about it on youtube.

I think they have a good thing going so go for it!