So the other day, I tried to download something to send to a friend, and when I did, I got a virus called Trojan.Vundo. It keeps taking off the identity theft filter in Norton, and give me all these shitty pop-ups, thankfully only one so far consisting of porn. Anyway, I was wondering how I might fix this?
Get a pop-up blocker.
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Stop using Norton, use Avast Antivirus in combination with Ad Aware?
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Uninstall Java then look for a program called VundoFix and run it in safe mode with command prompt. When you boot to safe mode with command prompt it doesn't load explorer or anything like that so since a lot of system files aren't in use it can scan them and clean them better. Only thing is you'll need to navigate to where the .exe for Vundo Fix is located using dos commands and run it from there. I'm not sure if that program is available to the public though, it's one of the tools I have available to me at work so sorry if I didn't help.
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