I'm sure some of you will think that this is a completely asinine question. I thought about posting it in the pit but I wanted answers from some real musicians, not pit monkeys, so I'm gonna post it here. Do you guys think that there are guitarists out there that are not famous, they just play for fun as a hobby, that are just as good as guitar legends like page, clapton, satriani, vai, etc? Are there people out there who are just as good as they are just for whatever reason, they never got famous or just didn't try to get famous? What do you guys think? Are there average joes out there who are just as skilled as the most famous guitarists? I know it seems like i repeated myself alot just then. I'm just trying to put in words what I'm thinking.
wudnt be surprised theres always some weirdo whos better but they probly dont make good music although considering most famous people today make shit music anyways
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most mainstream famous people today make shit music anyways

Fixed, essentially.

To the OP, heck yes. I've seen some great guitarists that have never tried to become famous or just lived in a small town and never moved anywhere where they could be "found" by fame.
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Yes some of the best guitar players I've ever seen are no name people on Youtube, why do they do it? For the love of music. You don't need to be famous, you just need to have it in you.
Keep in mind theres a sheer difference between being able to play songs and being able to write songs. The vais and satrianis can do both. The youtube guitarists barely ever write good music and I highly doubt whether pop-writers/score-writers are that good at guitar.
definitely, yes they're so many talents out there who just love music and nothing else...
my friend mentioned a video he saw once, where the entire premise was a was showing off the godliest shredders that no one has ever heard of (or likely ever will again). regretabbly, i do not remember the name of the video or who made it. the name may (or may not) have been something along the lines of "guitar sucks".

on another note, you could be the best technical guitarist to ever live, but if you dont write your own material and you only cover other players, i would imagine you would not gather up alot of fame. -->edit: basically what demonofthenight said.
^ yup, guitar sucks. Good series, showcased lots of famous players as well, and it's not just shred porn.

There are a LOT of players who are extremely able and unknown, but a lot of them are pro teachers or session players and do not seek fame or vast sums of money. I hope to become one someday. A lot of the youtube guitarists are actually shit composers and improvisers, imho, although they may have learnt a nice cover or two. I'd much rather compose well and be shit at learning covers.

Interestingly, Shawn Lane actually turned down his "big break" because staying fairly unknown meant he could write the music that he wanted, not the music that would sell.
yea, my Uncle is one and I've met a couple of people that are just awesome, who all either just didn't have the opportunity to make it big or just didn't try or care to.
I know and know of a few studio musicians that absolutely have killer chops. But they're studio guys
yes, i think there are definetly people out there. but as someone mentioned earlier, there's a difference between wrighting music and playing music.