Hi there

I live in Venezulea so you have to excuse my english.

I just recently purchased my new guitar and gear:
- Jackson KVX10 (baswood body, floyd, 24 frets, duncan design pickups, etc...)
- Line 6 Spider III 75W amp
- Digitech RP500

I planned to change the stock pickups (duncan designed) with the real deal (Seymour Duncan TB-6 Distortion/SH-1 59'). The problem is that the person who bought the stuff for me in miami (with all my recomendations and specifications) had a problem finding the Trembucker version of the Duncan Distortion (just have the regular SH-6 version at the store) and my friend ended buying a Dimarzio Paf Pro Neck and a Dimarzio Evolution Bridge (f-spaced). The person is still in miami and there is a chance to change the pickups back at the store
This is almost my first gear (I had a Charvel a long time ago).
I play Heavy Metal, Power Metal and Thrash Metal (Judas Priest, Maiden, Dio, Helloween, Metallica, Megadeth, Heavenly, Firewind, Dragonland, Persuader, etc..)
I need your help here... Should I change back the pickups or should I keep them?
Am I on the right track for a good metal sound?
I like heavy riffs with deep palm muted crunch sounds and blazing solos with a lot of tapping and screaming harmonics.
I'm open to any suggestion on this matter so please make your comment and help me find the right pickups for me.

Thanks in advance
don't get a Evo. The Super Distortion sounds more like your style, or possibly the Tone Zone
I recently purchased the Evo 2 (bridge) and Evolution 158 (neck). They are awesome; however, my local guitar shop f***ed up my guitar when they installed them. Check out Dimarzio's website and listen to the different pickups types. A quality amp will also make a huge difference. If you are going for metal cheack out the Dimarzio Evo 2 and the Dimarzio Breed.