Hey fellow guitar gods:

I have a problem. I have a Dean EVO Special Select that I really like. Well, I decided
a while back I was going to have Dimarzio Evolution Pickups installed (Evo2-Bridge;
158-neck). I took my guitar to my local guitar shop to have the pickups installed. Keep in mind that these guys have done work on my guitars before and have done a really good job. Well, after I left the university I dropped by to pick up my guitar. The technician gives me the charges, I pay and leave. I get home with my guitar and
start examining and notice quite a few things wrong.

1) My bridge pickup is not in alignment with the strings.

2) I have tremendous volume drop out when shifting from the bridge to the neck pickup. (Tech wired it wrong)

3) I have popping in my toggle switch when shifting from a rhythm to a treble setting.

4) THE WORST THING: the guy who installed my pickups DRILLED freaking holes in my guitar. He seemed to be attempting to shift the pickup ring in order to align the pickup with the strings. Now to the drilled holes, when he drilled the holes he cracked the guitar finish under the pickup rings. You can also see the holes peeking from under the edge of the pickup ring.

I do believe the guy that owns the shop is going to be extremely upset with his technician. However, I am curious as to how much value my guitar has lost because of the newly drilled holes in the body. I may attempt to require the owner to pay for repairs or replace the guitar. What do you guys think?

Well, spanky, I would take it up with the manager/owner.
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