dude. sweet yet again.

chorus was tight although the triplet runs seemed pretty abrupt.
that was the only thing really wrong about it IMO besides that it definitely needs some length.

...Nothing you've ever...
...Planned on ever turned out...
...The way you planned...

...You're still disappointing them...
yeah i know what you mean about the triplets. its hard to transition out of it. but if you just have screaming over it, im sure it would sound better
I liked the verses they are really good, I didn't like the chorus the different parts dont really fit together, the bridge was ok but could do with a bit more work, bars 48-50 need maybe a bit of variation especially with it repeating. Overall not a bad attempt.
Wow...it's really nice. I liked the verses...It's kinda catchy..But the thing that's bothering me is in the chorus. I think the sweeps don't fit into the song..but they are nice..The bridge is ok..And I think your song needs a little more variation..And plus.. a break down or an interlude might be nice...

I think Saosin and Circa Survive totally influence you to make this song.. Because in the verse Guitar 1 sounds like Saosin and Guitar 2 sounds like Circa Survive..The bass is really nice and the drums are rocking...

I'll give 8.5/10 ..because your sweeps are bothering me..But anyway, it totally rocks man..Keep up the good work..
I think this was really cool, my favorite part was the drums in the chorus. Very immense, just totally cool. I'm personally not really big on the clean guitar during the verses. The D# (8th fret on the G string) is out of key, I think. If you move it up a halfstep so it's an E, it sounds a lot better in my opinion. All of the other notes on Guitar 1 sound fine. But ame with what Guitar 2 is doing, it sounds out of key to me but maybe you were going for dissonance, in which case, you can disregard this.

Oh, and one more thing. The little outro thing was cool, but it'd just be sick if you extended that into some kind of open D breakdown. I just think it needs a little more too it before it feels complete, and ending it with a breakdown would really compliment the urgency of the rest of the song and kind of give it more closure.

Just my two cents.