Does anybody know how to find places to refill co2 tanks, my zipcode is 70656 and i cant find anywhere that fills co2 close to this location. can someone help?
Dick's sporting goods, Sports Authority, and some Wal-marts do it.
All Points West - August 1st
Krockathon 14 - August 8th
most sports places and places like wal mart
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Can't help you.
The area you live in is kinda confusing.

I found
Dowell's Surplus‎
532 6th St, Mamou, LA
(337) 468-5195‎

Although it seems to be military stuff.

And wal-mart usually has these "Power Rhino" tanks that you buy and you just exchange them
$15- to buy a 9 ounce, $4- to trade it in/refill
But you have to buy their "special tanks"
then you can start to trade in for the same ones (that are prefilled)