I'm a piano player who wants to start learning steel string acoustic guitar.I think a SeaGull s6 looks like a great guitar but I have read lots of reviews saying it's fragile because of the cedar being satin finished?Is it true that it will get dented and scratched up?I'm a home player who is not in a band so it would stay in my house all the time.
It's true that it's softer than your average gloss top, but the sound quality is such that I think it is worth the trade-off. Also - while it's soft, it's not as if you'll break it. The worst that I'd imagine is that you'll put a ding or two in it, which happens to all guitars eventually.
Cedar is just softer. It wont fall apart or break unless you mistreat it. Than again, any wood would break if you mistreated it. Cedar tends to get scratches and dents more easily, nothing big. Scratches and dings give your guitar some character too.
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