I just moved to Irvine, CA on UCI campus and have in my room a digital piano in front of the window, and a Gibson LP and Breedlove and Washburn acoustic/electrics on stands against the wall from the edge of the window to the corner of the room (there will be a Strat in the mix soon)

in Orange County the weather's always nice enough outside that we can keep the AC off and crack open the windows which I've been doing, but now I'm remembering something about needing to keep humidity of the room between 45-55% for your guitars.

according to weather.com right now its 56F (probably as cold as it will ever get here, random cold front tonight) but is lists humidity at 88%(maybe just b/c of the cold front?), however looking at hourly forecast tomorrow (actually from an hour from now) it shows humidity fluctuating between 57 and 28% at similar temps, then this weekend it gets as low as 20% at one point, doesn't really show any pattern relating to temperature but just randomly fluctuates, I wouldn't consider it to be dry here though. actually looking at another site now it says the avg morning relative humidity is 80% evening 57% for the year

so my question is do I need to keep my window closed all the time to protect my guitars? I'd really rather not have to keep them in cases all the time, and I figured since the weather is always decent around here, no extremes, it wouldn't do much harm but anyone know more on how room humidity is affected by opening the window and have suggestions?
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so I'm thinking I could check the weather report online periodically and if humidity goes below 30 or above 70 I'll shut my room window?
dude it'll probably be okay, dont flip out over it

i kinda agree with haz_uk
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Solid body guitars are generally less affected by climate than acoustics. Also, how the guitar is finished will affect it's vulnerability to climate changes (thick finishes will protect better than thin or breathable).

The biggest problem is when climate changes fast and drastically, like taking a guitar inside from the cold to a toasty home. To lessen chances for damage, keep the guitar in a bag or case and don't open it for maybe an hour or so to let the inside temperature of the case slowly rise (or lower) to match the temperature of the room it's in.
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