is there any wah except the dunlop slash wah that will give me a sound like slash or buckethead?

I mean.. I tried the dunlop classic wah but it's not like the hard sound of slash or buckethead..
hey man

your assumption about the slash wah is pretty much right.

I own both the hendrix and slash wah and although they do the same thing, there is a pretty big difference in the sound.

the hendrix wah, when played through my fender sounds almost exactly the same ( i don't use marshall amps though)

It's the same when i use my les paul and ibanez with the slash wah, it all comes down to the individual, their set up and style of playing.

But if you want almost as close as you can to slash's sound without going and buying a les paul and marshall stacks, then get this bad boy i love it and pretty sure you will too, especially as you can play around with a few different settings on the pedal itself.

who needs a wah? Go to the 12th fret on your 6th string and wiggle it....

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actually I am planning buying a new gibson les paul.

If you want to become a real guitar player, you must fine your OWN sound. If you are just copying someone else you are just a * insert name * rip off.

Try to find your own tone and your own voice.
You could meet Slash and buy his own gear if you wanted to and you still won't sound like him.

Check out Godlyke Wahs or the Dunlop 535Q if you don't want to shell out extra dough.
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I didn't mean I want TO BE LIKE SLASH.

I just really like the dunlop slash wah's tone.. and asked if there is another wah with a lower price, that is similar to the dunlop slash wah because I don't feel like paying $170 for the slash wah only cause it has "slash" in it's name.. that's it.

because I tried the classic wah and i just didn't like it..

that's why i said LIKE the slash wah..
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The Slash Wah won't get you Slash's tone. It's simply a wah that is tonally biased in such a way that when used by Slash with Slash's guitar with Slash's pickups with Slash's cables with Slash's amp, it will get vaguely close to his tone. Even then, Slash himself doesn't actually use the Slash Wah, he uses a homebrew job he's had since well before the Slash Wah was made (based on a model that Dunlop haven't even made for several years).

FYI, 90% of Slash's tone comes right form his amp. That's why he can play one thing with a Les Paul and another thing with a BC Rich Mockingbird, then he can pick up a double neck SG - and they'll sound exactly the same. He always uses very low output pickups that don't colour the tone (Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pros are in most of his guitars, though he uses a few others too - so long as they're Alnico II magnets, under-wound and not biased too much to extra bass or treble, they'll do the same thing), and goes for the highest quality but simplest cables. Most of the time he has everything bypassed, with the guitar's signal going straight to his amp. His amp dictates nearly all of his tone, and he gets all his gain from his amp (rather than from pedals or from the guitar's pickups).

So, no pedal, even if they plaster 'Slash' on it, will get you a tone like Slash's. Not even if you have his signature series guitars. His tone is dictated by his amp, if you don't have his amp then you won't get his tone, pure and simple.

To that end... get a regular Dunlop Crybaby Wah, the original or Classic will do fine. Neither will get you any closer to Slash's tone than the Slash Wah will, but at least they're well-built Wahs that will cost less than the Slash one does for exactly the same sound.
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If you want to become a real guitar player, you must fine your OWN sound. If you are just copying someone else you are just a * insert name * rip off.

Try to find your own tone and your own voice.

He said he likes the sound, he said nothing about copying Slash's tone.
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and once again..
I just said I really like the sound of the slash wah. the "kick" it gives.
I couldn't find such "kick" in the classic one.

nevermind, i'll go and try all of the wahs available here.. cause I didn't get any help here.
but thank's anyway.
buy the slash wah used? saw one on the classifieds not 2 long ago for 75
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yeah, if you don't want to pay full price for one, get them on ebay. Wish I did when i got mine.

Like i said too, it all comes down to the individual, there will never be another slash, just like there will never be another SRV or Dimebag or Rhoads.

If you buy something that everyone has, make it your own...

Go ebay!