I already have a Epiphone valve junior, just looking for something else to suit metal/heavy rock. So far I've seen the Valvetronix XL and Krank amps to be a good option...
Well, I'm currently just above the poverty line LOL, something similar priced to what mentioned, something good bang for buck..I'm not interested in speding many thousands of dollars..
well me I'm a cheap guy who wants the best value for dollar can get within reason, didn't I mention I'm a poor student who wants everything for nothing? lol
how much are you looking to spend...max amount. that would b a good starting point
well unless I'm missing out on something special, maybe upto $1500 US max, but thats alot compared to a valvetronix...

tho I'm not real keen on amp with built in digital fx, besides basic reverb/tremolo etc...
For arond 1600 you should b able to get a nice Mesa Dual recto...Nice distortion (tubes) and for the same price u can get the Krankenstien, Dime model of course. 2 very nice tube amps.
cool, thank you, is there an amp that does it all (ie clean/rock/metal), around 50w RMS should be enough?
I think both of what I mentioned would work fine, both ways. Check utube for each and listen to both chanels. I like the Mesa ..but the Krank kicks ass. then check evil bay.. you should be able to find something nice but for the two mentioned be prepared to spend around 999 and up..(999 being the cheap deal ! ) lemme know what u come up with
I'm interested in getting souns like tool, placebo, fear factory, In flames..
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Ask a mod to move this to GG&A board, MUCH more helpful people there.
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Ask a mod to move this to GG&A board, MUCH more helpful people there.

Yeah, I mean, a dude trying to get you to buy an amp designed for Pantera, that's bad.

$1600 is quite a bit aswell, so maybe look at some Laneys or things of the sort.
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whats the valveking like? pretty good for blues to metal?
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i dont know what amp but i would just like to tell you to buy use if your on a budget
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You can find Madison Divinity II heads used for 500-600 if you look around enough. Then just buy a 4x12 cab for it. Halfstacks are huge though, so if you'd rather buy a Madison combo, they're nice too.