Hey guys,

I need a vintage tremolo for a Strat... thing is, I don't particularly need the saddles, springs, claw, or even the arm. I just need the basic plate and block... just the part into which you screw the arm, and put the strings through. Nothing else.

In my current one the arm wobbles, so I need a whole new thing. But the saddles, etc. are okay. It's just that part.

Any offers? I'm a bit short on money at the mo, so give me a price and I'll get back to you when I've saved up... I'm just posting this now because I'd probably forget to in the future

And if anyone has a rolling nut, gimme a quote on that too. But not essential

guitarfetish.com has those kinds of stuff real cheap.
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I have a 6 point trem that I'm not using right now, but there's a problem with it. The strings are stuck in the bridge.. I've trimmed them down so there's about half an inch showing from the outside, but I can't remove 3 of the strings, the other 3 came out OK.. So I doubt that's any good to you..
Nah... sorry

I'll try out guitarfetish.com.

And thanks, SenorSmiley, if guitarfetish doesn't have what I want then I could maybe find a way to get money to you for postage.