Im looking for a new amp, preferably a stack.
I play mostly metal. In about the 700-100$ Au range.
any suggestions, cheers

im assuming you mean $700-1000

im gonna say thats about $500-700 on the US market, and you get much better value for money from a combo

guitarcenter.com says....

Randall G3 (SS-but not too bad)
Peavey valveking (tube, but a bit meh)
Line 6 Flextone 3 (SS but awesome)
B-52 AT-112 (tube, good reputation)
Kustom '36 coupe (tube, very versatile, OD for metal methinks)


Peavey windsor
Peavey Valveking

decent metal stacks are going to set you back $2K, decent metal combo, youre looking at less than half that

if i were you i'd try the lot if you can
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