So this is the first time I'll post some of my songs
I've been reading here for a long time now and decided to post some of my stuff...

Three songs, one of it a acoustic ballad, and i hope you like it^^
In Snowman the Rhodes piano seemed a bit out of place. I would really like to see the strings used more, they would really fit with the piece. Pretty good, except for the breakdown and sort of the bridge I suppose. The drums aren't really very neccesary, this could just be acoustics, or acoustic and strings, which I'd like to see. Oh and for the ending, get rid of that little lead part, just finish on the chord.

Up Ahead is pretty good, although the chorus and bit before the verse is kind of average, the chords that the guitar plays sound a bit.. =\ Good interludes and outro though.

Where I Belong is okay, every 4th bar in the chorus needs to be changed. Interlude sounds average but I have a feeling it's just midis fault. And also, change every 3rd bar of the chorus to, if you do that, it will sound alot better. It actually is a pretty good chorus, could be pretty powerful, just needs a few changes.

Also, I think you are technically breaking a rule by posting 3 songs in less than a week.