Hi everybody!
sory for my english, i m fron russia
People! I have in december a concert, in my institute, and i must play on a acoustik guitar the song Maroon 5 Wake up call with guitar cover
I find some tabs on this amazing web site, but I find the better
look here
but i cant find out any such tabs!!!
I want ONLY this warriant of tabs! other are not so good
Can enybody write a tabs, which hi is using?
Or write my to ICQ. My icq number is 785-180

Thnk you people!!!!
Please, people, i i want to say a girl that i Love HER!!!! and I want to play for her thi song!!!!!!Please help me!!!

But she doesnt understand English, but song is AMAZING!!!!!
LOl dryg eta pesnya gavarit kak te yeyo paymal v kravate s drygim chevakom

Im russian too and i understand english really well
This is not the type of song you would play to a girl that you love even if she doesn't understand english lol

vazmi drygeye pesni
Capo 1st fret

Intro by 2
x02210 and then throw in a 3x2210

x02210 and xx0231

x02210 and 020100

x02210 and 020100

breakdown riff, played twice
x02210 and 3x2210 and 2x0210 and 1xx200


then end with chorus
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