how much of a noticeable upgrade will this be? i have a mim jazz that i want to slowly upgrade. and the gotoh seems like a good, pretty cheap start.

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just out a 201 on my VM precision, pretty good, great upgrade from stock, on par with badass imo
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I have a Gotoh on my Fender P and I had it on my Squier for awhile.

top is the stock bridge from my Fender, bottom is the Gotoh

up close

you can sort of see the visual difference between the Gotoh and Badass here

I noticed a sustain and clarity different with both. My Geddy has a badass on it, its definitely a heavy duty bridge much heavier than the Gotoh. Worth $40-60 more? I wouldn't say so. You could get new tuners for that. New tuners + new bridge >>> new bridge.
thanks for the much helpful replies.

the price tag on the gotoh makes it that much beter, i'll be ordering one soon!

thanks again.
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Yeah, it's a HUGE upgrade. After I did it on my P-bass, it was a thousand times better, and it was definitely noticeable.
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Everything I've heard about them puts them even with the BAII. Plus, you don't have to file them.
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