I usually don't swing towards poppy, electronic stuff, but I think MGMT have some real talent. Anyway, do you guys know of any other good electronica bands that aren't too experimental?

Ahh, they really remind me of some 80's/90's synthpop I've heard. Sadly I can't actually think of the names.

Maybe look up if they've ever listed influences?
I hear they're influenced by Suicide and Hall and Oates. They do seem like a semi-comical version of a psychedelic band and one could swear they were from the 1960s. I mean, their songs are very trippy. They could be considered modern psychedelia and an instantly classic band.
^ I actually saw them really recently live, and they sounded really good. I think they've been refining their live sound as they've been touring.

I've alays thought that MGMT and Mates of State have a pretty similar sound for some reason, the latter being a bit more lo-fi though. I'd say that Of Montreal are very much in the same vein as MGMT as well, but overall they are quite the unique group.
I agree with you snipelfritz^^^^^^^

I wasn't really into them til I saw them live. They were actually really impressive..
If you get the latest issue of Spin (MGMT is on the cover) they have 8 or 10 bands who are pretty similar towards them.
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If you get the latest issue of Spin (MGMT is on the cover) they have 8 or 10 bands who are pretty similar towards them.

i don't think that any of the bands they listed really sound that much like them, at least none that i remember...

i can't really think of any other bands that have that electro-psych sound, but that might just be because i am bored of mgmt.
There album is ace, chills me out and cheers me up, a small UK band called 'Golden Silvers' have the same kinda sound
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Saw them live with Radiohead, they were pretty disappointing, but the first half of their album is excellent. Second half not so good, but some good solid tracks as a whole.

You should have a look at Maps, they're a different kind of electronica really, less poppy. More like something between Kid A-era Radiohead and MGMT.

Maps: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=XR-ijmbaoQ8
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They actually seemed really good for the last 10 minutes of their set i saw at reading festival. Had very low expectations after seeing them on tv in glastonbury. The singers voice was so weak. I guess they've been working on their live show though.
Hot Chip, some Of Montreal and David Bowie

theyre a pretty unique band so finding others that are really similar isnt easy
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Air France

Look for 'No Excuses' or 'Collapsing on your Doorstep'

Look for their EP really if you can, its fantastic
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Hot Chip
The Juan Maclean
Cut Copy
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Hot chip are good.
I went on their myspace and just clicked around in their top friends awhile ago. I got a couple that sounded like them. I remember the band Amazing Baby was one of the bands mentioned in the Spin article