1. take this to the riffs and recordings forum
2. ask them the same question and you will be told that you need to buy an interface

but yer, you need an interface and a decent mic if you want to record good quality from your amp.
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Track>Create New Track>Instrument Track.
Set the recording level so when you play at the loudest for the recording it stays out of the red or else it will sound terrible.
Not that great unless you have an external mic. because you computer mic. isn't made solely for instruments .
Microphone but it wouldn't be too good for much, except acoustic maybe.
If you have a line in port then buy a cable with a 3/4 jack on one end and a 3.5mm on the other, to plug your guitar in the laptop.

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Plugging the guitar into the mic jack works really well if you're not using effects pedals. Otherwise, just record it with the computer mic/external mic. My iMac's built in mic isn't half bad, but I'm not sure about the G4's microphone capabilities

Edit: I plugged both my electric and acoustic into the mic jack when I started recording; it sounds a lot clearer than if you're recording through the built in mic.
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