i dont know if anybodys already posted something like this but im bored so i thought i would. what was you first electric guitar? mine was a Tanglewood Nevada(strat copy) which was black with a white pick guard
The same guitar. Shock gasp horror.

Fun guitar to play, still. Only mines was blue.
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My first was actually only half-electric. A Dean acoustic/electric. If that counts.
Mine was a J3 Pheonix strat replica. Im still using it for 1 year almost. i really need a new guitar.
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I learned for the first couple of months on a borrowed hohner strat copy, the first guitar I owned was a westfield SG copy.
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Squier Showmaster in blue

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Squier Telecaster Custom in vintage blonde, and GAK sent me 2 XD
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goth epiphone flying V with a dimebucker.

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my first acoustic/first guitar ever was a First act guitar from radioshack, 100$. it has obnoxiously high action you could drive a pickup under, tuning as reliable as a crack addict, tonewoods courtesy of home hardware and i still love it to death.

because of the high action, i built better strength in my fingers and the unstable tuning helped me learn to tune by ear. i still have it and use it for recording oddities, like backwards delay slide.

my first electric was a samick malibu. i still have that one, too. except there's a epiphone humbucker in the bridge.
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First: Cheap Argos Nylon string 1/2 Size.
Second: Encore Strat pack, with one double coil pickup
Third: Guvnor GE100 Cream and white strat/ish. (Nicee) - (Sold it in around july)
Fourth: Crafter HD24 Acoustic (Tasty)
Fifth: Cort KX5 Pearl white with mightymight zebra motherbucker humbuckers (yeahhh!)

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Mine was a secondhand blue SX strat copy... Got it for a quarter of the original price, and sold it for the exact same price again... bad decision to sell it, I miss my crappy blue guitar . But got a Cort to replace it
I started with a piece of crap Peavey Raptor, then got a Fat Squier Strat, sold that, then got my washburn wg 208 that i'm still using, and just got an agile al2000 about 2 months ago and am already lookin at a douglas fulcrum (V guitar).. i hate GAS. my parents are gonna be pissed when i tell em about this lol
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Started with a Dean Icon PZ and a peavey transtube 110 efx. Don't use the transtube much anymore, but the Icon still gets alot of play. Very nice guitar.
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