i looked at a Rally gl400 guitar the other day and played it in a shop, but i havn't played any epiphones so is there anyone who has played or got a Rally Gl400 and played or got a Epiphone les paul (standard or custom) and can tell m which is better?
http://www.rallyguitars.co.uk/gl400.htm <- Rally Gl400
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play an epiphone and compare, the one you like, you get...simple

the problem is that the shops near me dont have any epiphones and this is why im asking you guys the question
there's a store that brings in rally guitars in my country, and from what i've heard, they're really good for the cheapness. heard some good reviews about them rallys. i also heard that they're made in the same chinese factory that makes the epiphones too. so they should be on par.
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i tried a rally and i didnt realy like it the action was really high. ive never played an epiphone before though but ive played a few les paul which were made by vintage and i think there great nice action on the nice feel and a lovely sound they sell them on this website http://www.jhs.co.uk/vintageelectric.html
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