So when i play fast i use memorized box shapes and link them together to create long scalar runs. But im always just going up and down the scale instead of doing cool sequences, i have like 2 sequences and then straight up or down. I want to apply better more interesting sequences so i feel like im getting some variety when im shredding. Look at this lick mark Tremonti does, yes i think this solo sucks as a whole but just look at 1:43-1:48,


i want to do cool sequence like that, though now that i look at it more it kinds seems like he might just go straight down lol. So please help me with sequences and if you could explain them more and give me cool ones to use that would be wonderful.
I'm pretty much useless at explaning things, but have you looked through the UG lessons on here yet? They may have an article explaining everything you want to know there.
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