Project:PUBLIC will be a release of a single, made by a winning band.

The catch is, the Public, and your fans decide everything.

Yes, MySNC Records is giving complete creative control of a track to be released by a winning band.

How do you win?
Let your fans do the voting!

The public decide which band releases a single under our label.
The public decide which of your songs you release.
When you release it.
Your artwork... every creative aspect is done by the public.
And most importantly, your fans.

Yes, MySNC Records is a business and we need to make money.

Hand on heart, that is not the case. Money to break us even is made from sponsorships.

The rest, is made by your public afterall.
Without it, we'd be nowhere.


Quote by moody git
advertising, and a remake of a locked thread

But i'm not advertising in any way to make money.

It's for unsigned bands. - Are you not in one?
You not got a MySpace?

You not want a single released by a record label?