I've always used pedals but I want to start buying some rack gear. What's a good beginner rack? Something nice but cheaper.. I don't need that many shelves or whatever either and I want something that will hold my head too
What do you need? What effects are you using now?
For effects I'd recommend the TC Electronics G Major.
you coul EASILY build one, very, very, easily
that way, everything is build to your specifications, and you can have as many slots as you want....
Style? What do you play? Who you like? Who do you want to sound like?

Why to we always have to ask?
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I think you may aswell wait for a bit for some rack gear; most of it's really expensive, considering it's mainly for pros, and it's designed for gigging, not really for bedroom guitaring.

Maybe consider it a bit more, because most of the good stuff costs £300+.

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yeah and if you cant build one youll have to buy one which will be real expensive for the rack/ head combo box. I have assembled a decent rack, its just sooo much money, you better have lots of $ lying around or be using it to play professional and make some
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