haha yea it has 3d surround panning
Haha, I advertised my prog metal band right as you posted this (title is ironic). Thought that was pretty funny...
yea, i was only kidding, im not THAT much of a music snob lol. Also i could see why you would say its just "noise", but Race, jaboc, and over the corner, arent really just "noise". But ya... constructive criticism
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At first, i didn't enjoy it at all. at all.

then i listened to your fifth track, and for some reason i'm hooked! it's seriously grown on me.

Nice work, and honestly its nice to see something else besides metal!!!!!!!1!11!!
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thanks dude, yea i could definitely see how this shit would HAVE to grow on you. It might sound like noise, but i promise you that everything is well thought out. We have alot of other stuff that isnt on the myspace (alot of it with sax), that probably is more accessible. Were going to go into the studio probably by February with our new lineup and getting down some really raw tracks with a little less of the electronic side. I appreciate any feedback even if its negative.

yea track five is pretty sweet, I enjoy it when it goes into 5/4, and then later 5 against 4/4
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It sounds cool, but for some reason the music player isn't showing up on any myspace profiles for me.....
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I really enjoyed a lot of the sounds that came out of this. VERY VERY VERY different I must say, and that makes you stand out a lot. Coming from Dallas also is a plus, I'm right in your area Big fan of "Over the Corner"

Keep it up man.

You should check out my band since we're in the same region and whatnot, always nice to know the local scene. Funny thing however, is that we're prog. metal, but it's not the same kind of shit you hear every day.


Definitely looking forward to hearing more from you in the future (shows, etc.). Would love to see a live interpretation of all this.

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It sounds like a cross between Aphex Twin and the crazier side of Mars Volta. You need to cut the songs a bit shorter though, but it's very interesting mate. I really like the experimental side, being an effects-***** and everything.

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Yea dude, probably going to play the door as soon as we work up some more songs.