Ok Everyone, I have been playing for about 5 months and want to get a sound with more than reverb out of my Crate GTD15R

I am wondering if I should wait until Christmas with a chance of getting something like a Pod X3 or XT, something that would last me a while, or go out today and buy a pocket pod for a fraction of the price.

The main uses I am looking for out of this is:

Plenty of effects/ presets
User Tweakability- I may not have experience playing but I know what I want to hear
Something I can plug in to my computer for maybe a You Tube cover here and there

My guitar is a Fender MIM strat- i dont really want to hear your opinion of it, I like it.

I like to monkey around with things and the Pod seems pretty cool, I would like to hear what you have to say, I have no plans of playing live anytime in the next 5 years so I do not need a foot-effects processor such as the pod x3 live
If you want effects, but you don't really know what effects you want, you'd be better of buying a multi-FX, something like a Boss ME-20. Not too expensive. That way you can figure out what effects you like and then later on buy some higher quality stompbox of that effect. If you have all the effects you want you can sell the multi-fx.
I say go for it and buy a cheap tube amp to run it trough like a crate, cheap tube amp plus awesome effects processor= bomb sound for cheap price.
ok that sounds like a plan, but Im goin to hold off on the amp for today, hopefully pool some money together and get a blues deville or somethin a bit nicer
Yeah, but it doesn't even has to be a tube. If you're short on money, an small SS with a nice clean channel could do the job nicely, especially if you're just only playing in your bedroom.