Just wanted to improve the stock pickups on my MIM strat.

I've been looking at the SD cool rails for the bridge position?

but any ideas for the other two? maybe the fender lace sensor ones?

Any ideas welcome.

maybe the fender texas special pick ups dont know about rock on them
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How much are you looking to spend? If you can spend $250 or so, Stephen Design are the best Strat pickups out there. I had a set in my Strat and they were amazing. The only reason I don't now is because it was stolen. They're custom handwound.

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GFS makes some nice pickups if your on a budget. Most Strat sets are under $100 i think, and reviws of em seem to be just positive.
UGer's get a 10% discount from RockMonkey Guitars. CorduroyEW is a member. They will hand wind you what you want if they don't have something in stock. A lot of UGers rave about them.