Over the past few years whenever I had inspiration for either a line/verse/half a song etc I'd write it on a scrap bit of paper, type it up on notepad, or save it as a draft text on my mobile. I'm looking back on them now and they still look good to me, but there's like at least 185 of them all over the place haha. I wanted to type them all up on microsoft word and play around and make a few songs out of what I already have, but it just seems so overwhelming. Has anyone else had a situation like this? What did you do in the end?
Hmm, I get this all the time, and what I end up with is loads of one liners that don't seem to be going anywher.
You could do one of two things...or both.

Keep the lines until you write something that they would fit with, and then notice that they would fit, and throw them in....
(This would probably take you way way too long because you never know when your going to come up with a master song that just so happens to match your lines.)

Or try and write something from that line.
(This usually just ends up giving me more one liners, because half of what I write I don't like)

As long as you keep hold of them, arrange them all on the same microsoft word page, you have them there fore later use, and inspiriation if you cant think of something to write one day. Then everything will probably be useful oneday.

Hope that helped
Have some self discipline, go through them all as you type them up. If they're great lines put them in one document, average in another and bad in another. Delete the bad list at the end and then use the great list to write a few pieces.

You have to be hard on yourself and admit what you've written just isn't that good.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
^ That's exactly what I used to do when I was writing like that; it takes a little bit of work but it's definitely worth it in the end, though I wouldn't delete the bad list at the end, I'd take the lines I semi-liked from the list and alter them until they were worded better and could fit in a piece.