haha bar 97, first guitar, in the tune i heard in my head "lets start a riot"
dunno why, it just sounded like the tune of what the dudes voice in three days grace would be :P

Its good i admit, and i cant really crit that much as it isnt my type of music so i dont know what goes where as such, but from my point of view, i dont really see much more that can be added.
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All in all very good work . Best parts have got to be the intro and solo which blew me away.
The intro is nice and powerful which is good for a song like this and the solo works well with the first solo being very intense and the second one slowing things down and driving back into the chorus. I don't know what it was but the second solo seemed to end a bit early to me but that was that important.
Now as for the verses, they once again do not fail to impress. The verses seem to crawl along making the vocal (which I assume the choir is) stand out more the which then progresses into the pre-chorus that bears powerful chords which makes that glide into the chorus all the better.
Also kudos on the drums. Very nice.
Honest, nothing really interested me until Progr. 1, which was a really cool riff, as was the riff following it. As for the solos, they kind of had the same problem as the rest of the song, nothing really stood out (keep in mind I am not a fan of Thrash, perhaps that's effecting my opinion). They're weren't any bad riffs in the song, just nothing that, IMO, really stood out.
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killswitch engage has some dissonant riffs, they're kind grindcore tho

Up your bum, riff 2 was intense.


...right, I'm a busy chap, I move house once a week (this is not a joke) but I will crit this song, it could be later today, it could be a while from now, I got sh*ts to do.
Feel free to send me ten PMs a day demanding your damn crit, many people do.

Anywho, I will crit this when I have the time, honest.

Interesting, is traccia 4 or whatever vocals or a lead? I like the solo and the vermelo part was also pretty good. The Pre-Chorus is my favorite part. This one's a bit farther from metalica but i still recognize some elements.
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Pretty rockin' tune d(^_^)b
I like the chorus, and the solos are awesome! I like the speed progression, but I feel like it may be difficult to play rhythmically (drums in duple meter, guitar in triplets.) Though I haven't tried it :P Cool anyways!

8.5/10 imho